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World's first lightweight, polycarbon
T100 tritium watch. Four times as
bright as a standard tritium watch
but with an ultra scratch resistant
sapphire crystal. It's just as tough
as anything out there and worthy of
the ArmourLite name.

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Collaborative Effort

Armourlite, was consumed with a mission. Our customers who are police, firefighters, stunt men, heavy machine operators and steel workers spoke to us about what they wanted in a watch. They went through numerous watches a year because they just would not hold up to the daily abuse and some even gave up wearing a watch at all. The challenge was daunting how to produce a super tough invincible watch that could withstand direct impact to the crystal, make a watch case that was super tough, utilize a quality reliable watch movement and be light up at day and night so as to always see the time. They didn't even ask for a nice design but we thought we would throw that in as well. After all we wanted them to wear their watch when entertaining as well.

We knew we could not go at this alone. The challenges were too great and we didnít want to disappoint our customers or make them wait for many years to develop such a product.

We worked with a specialty glass manufacturer that produced shatterproof high impact glass that was able to modify this technology to work with our watch design. To further dampen any impact we designed a rubber retaining ring the glass sits in to absorb any shock.

We chose the Citizen Miyota OS60 movement because of its durability and its ability continuously function under stress conditions.

We had our watch case manufactured using the highest and toughest steel combinations to create the super tough case that could be well run over by a 22 ton fire truck.

We then teamed up with the Swiss company MB microtec the inventors of the tritium light tubes to produce the light sources for our watches to allow them to remain continuously lit for up to 25 years.

Finally we gave it to our designers and said if we can make it happen can you give us a handsome , smart looking watch with large easy to read numbers that some of our not so demanding customers would like to wear.


We are proud of our production of the first bullet proof tritium watch made to withstand the abuse of the profession. No more broken or badly scratched crystals. No more having to shine a flashlight to see the time while writing your reports.

Accuracy in time, invincible in structure, pleasing to the eye.

Large 3MM crown makes it very easy to change the time and adds to the uniqueness of the watch. The watch measures 45mm wide and when you add the crown an additional 3MM. The markers by the numbers and the hands light up in green .It is 10ATM, 100 meter or 330 feet water resistant. We just don't talk about our watch; we back it up by a 2 year international warranty.